AudioTweets - Tweets should be heard!

Listen to your tweets while doing anything else? Now its Possible!

  • Audio Tweets

    AudioTweets enables you to listen to all of your twitter feed using our shiny text to speech engine on your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

  • Full Featured Twitter Client

    AudioTweets makes using twitter on the iPhone easy. It lets you tweet easily and keeps you informed when someone messages you.

  • Listen to Tweets and Get Paid

    AudioTweets is a really fun way to earn money. Just listen to your twitter feed everyday and earn money every month.

  • AudioTweets works the way you want

    It allows you to send, receive and re-tweet anytime anywhere. Seamlessly manage your twitter account. Browse twitter lists and share your location by Geo-tagging your updates.

  • Listen to tweets while driving or doing anything else

    You can listen to all Tweets as they come in, one at a time, or in a group!

  • Earn money while listening to all your tweets

    Using the trusted partnership of Payoneer, now simply by listening to your tweets you can get paid each month via your very own Prepaid MasterCard® card.

  • Invite your twitter followers and receive more

    When you invite others to use AudioTweets, you can also earn a bit more each month, as AudioTweets will share with you a larger percentage of revenue for your own use.